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The Wimshurst's Machine: Music/Musica

Discovery (John Glenn's Adventure) - with Gamma Leonis

(The Wimshurst's Machine)
August 19, 2005
R.Canone - vocals: John Worsley - Lyrics, guitars, bass: D.Long

In memory of our hero, John Glenn, we made this song a free download from our website.

When first we started to work on this song, was just a theme on a keyboard, wrote down by Roberto (his first song wrote for TWM). But we felt something was still missing, even after we decided to place this spacey, dreamy song in it's right place: space. We chose to tell a "true fairy tale", the true story of a veteran astronaut who returned in space after so many time, living again it's dream. But still something was still missing, we were a bit "stuck", so we asked to our good friends "Solar Wind" (now "Gamma Leonis") Lonesome Dave and John Worsley if they had some idea with this song. And what you may hear here is the result. This song is destinated to our new incoming album, "The Alchemist". Keyboards: Roberto Canone Singing voice: John Worsley Bass guitar & electric guitar: Lonesome Dave Eb Baritone saxophone: Augusto Chiarle Acoustic drums: Massimiliano Baudissard Electronics, effects, engineering and programming: Augusto Chiarle Lyrics: Dave Long John Glenn's voice & NASA effects/voices: Black Box (under regular license).


Discovery (John Glenn's Adventure)

Ride a flame into the sky

Looking back from up on high

The arrow streaks into the blue

A miracle, to once more view

An afternoon fading to a blanket of stars

The pioneer returns once more

With no fear of what’s in store

From Friendship 7’s plunge to the sea

to this voyage of Discovery

The hero you were is the hero you are.

(lyrics by Dave Long, vocals by John Worsley)